Sensual Fruit

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Know that SharkBoy puts salt on his oranges. I thought that was weird when I first saw him do it. Now…

And in other news, another picture of my father living on if only on TV shows, from Sis-in-law’s medical drama in production:

To which my sister replied (somewhat truthfully)

I wanna see the scene where the discharged patient walks up to said counter and
says, “What do I do with this?”, pointing to the nasogastric tube still taped to his
schnoz. And the nurse reaches up and just rips it right out of his nose…

2 thoughts on “Sensual Fruit

  1. Pac

    By the way, that’s actually the perfect name for a hospital wing. (Not that you need folks pointing out puns of your own name.) It really is a nice way to honor your dad.

    If your sister-in-law’s TV show has any scenes set in a seedy bar where the doctors meet to unwind from the stress of medical drama, can you ask her if she can call it “Gus’ Martooni Mug”? And can the waitresses wear skimpy t-shirts where the ohs in “Martooni” are formed by the wide eyes of an adorable cartoon critter? And no pants? My dad would have really, really liked that.

  2. Pac

    Eww, she speaks like I write. 🙁 I thought she was going to have some sort of spastic tantrum when her peel broke at 2:20. I actually backed away from the monitor.

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