Oscars in a Nuttellashell

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I liked this year’s Oscars. I think Seth McFarlane did an OK job. Not “Tina/Amy” great, just OK. Yes his jokes were pretty “offend everyone” sophomore but that’s all he’s been doing for 12 years! If you didn’t like him then let’s bring back Billy Crystal in Sammy Davis Jr drag (let’s not!).

And let’s set something straight: Charlize Therone was “in” on the Boobs song – her reaction was pre-recorded. How else could she go from her black dress she was wearing during the song to her flowing gown in her dance sequence, moments later?

The music choices were awesome (Dame. Shirley. Bassey…) but I’m with whoever tweeted on my timeline last night “Wait, is this the Tonys?”.

In the end, I pretty much see the Oscars as time to watch Twitter froth itself up into a fury of comedy and indignation.

As for the rest of your Monday, here… watch this (thanks BoingBoing!)

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