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We’re officially 2 weeks away from our LA/Hawaii vacation.

Yes. Of course we’re going to Disneyland.

Discovering that my travel agent status (actually I work for agents…) gets me super deals in hotels. A few online courses and boom, I have (moderately) cheaper hotel rooms! Yes, we’re staying at Disneyland Hotel and Aulani as well as some other fun resorts in Oahu and the North Shore.

I can’t wait. I love the idea we’re doing a short stop at a familiar destination and then on to a place we both have never been to.

Oh and there will be this:

that's right... I convinced SharkBoy!

that’s right… I convinced SharkBoy!

We’re going on a 20 min dive in the shark-infested waters of the North Shore. It took some convincing and wrangling but I think he’s going to have a good time.

More later!

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