Where does my content go?

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Have you ever caught yourself giving up a part of yourself to someone who doesn’t appreciate who you are?

Have you ever come to the realization that you have been dumping a  lot of energy into a bottomless pit and getting very little in return?

Have you been reading this blog over the last year?

If you answered Yes Yes No to this, then you’re just like me!

I’ve been horribly addicted to social media. Particularly Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. So much so that a good chunk of my “downtime” has been fragmented across these three platforms. I would spend about 1-2 hours a day on all three checking stuff out and not really giving back to myself, other than the sugar coated rush of instant gratification of people “liking” what I posted.

This has got to stop.

As well, I find that I am exerting energies on creating content for other sites that may or may not use the stuff I created for their advertising purposes. And barely (if at all?) getting credit(s) for it.

THIS has got to stop.

I have to start making stuff for me.

I’m finding my “voice” has become fragmented. Blurted thoughts will  be posted on Twitter or on Facebook, shots I think were fun are getting tossed up on Instagram. I find I am censoring myself on Facebook for the sake of people who may not know me and my sense of humour. If I have a follower on IG, then they don’t necessarily get a full picture of who I am, really (or as much as an online “picture” I allow to be shown). Connecting this fragmentation to find out who I am is a lot like trying to piece a puzzle together while wearing gloves, while riding a unicycle in the subway. Nobody’s going to do it so why bother?

I’m not walking away from IG, FB and Twitter, but I am certainly going to think thrice about what I toss up there.

I hope you come back and read every so often.

As incentive, here is a picture of Gary Sinise as he appears in Mission: Space, the ride at EPCOT. You’re welcome.


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