In every movie there is a turn around scene

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Is this thing on?

In the last few months leading up to Bruce McArthur’s sentencing I’ve been weirdly guilty about not maintaining this blog. My inner dialog would go something like this:

I should write about Andrew.

I don’t want to seem like an attention whore*

I feel like I need to get my feelings out there.

Oh then you’ll really look like a whore.

Which would stop me from even accessing my blog.

When I got notification that domain was up for renewal the guilt hit me hard. I use to love blogging until Facebook and Instagram came along. Cue same old music, the Social Media Shuffle.

Now, post-Andrew, I am finding the socials less and less satisfying and inversely my posts are becoming more wordy, less meme-share-y.

On top of that, my Sister-in-law is blogging daily from Puerto Vallarta, dropping one last straw on this poor camel’s back.

So here I am. Digging into the back end of my blog, finding things to update (how was I not hacked in my 2 year absence?) and choosing a new theme. Will I last? I won’t say. I will try though!

Follow along, will you?

*After my 4th or so TV interview when Andrew went missing, I was told I was the face of Andrew’s cause. I didn’t want that at all and pulled back drastically

4 thoughts on “In every movie there is a turn around scene

  1. Darth Slolee

    I’m glad you’re blogging again… you’re an intelligent and funny-as-h*ll person whose comments and input I’ve always enjoyed. Keep it coming bud… I look forward to the next post.

  2. SeanG

    Hey bud – I hear you. I clearly didn’t have the close friendship with Andrew that you guys did but even from our perspective, the whole thing hit J and I very hard. I can only imagine how it has been for you two. I’m glad you’ve been able to find the spark needed to start blogging again – I’ll be following for sure. Love you guys – hope to see you soon. xo

  3. SharkBoy

    I’ve seen people around us appropriate this tragedy and turn it into their own drama, and it’s quite ugly… When you speak of Andrew, it’s from the heart and not from a place where you think/hope/wish it will bring you fame

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