The F.U.N. Song

What kind of day did I have today? Let me sum it up with a song from Spongebob Squarepants: The F.U.N. Song (Speaking Part) Spongebob: It’s not about winning, it’s about fun! Plankton: What’s that? Spongebob: Fun is when you…fun is…it’ like…it’s kinda…sorta like a… What is fun?? HERE…Let me spell it for you! Spongebob: […]

Part The Two: Our Hero Eats

Mike brought me a t-shirt from Vancouver…my second favorite Sushi restaraunt in the world. My sister took us to the Dragon Pearl in Calgary where they served the best Salt and Pepper Lemon Seafood I have ever tasted. She went on to Freudian Slip-Up the soup appetizer into “Hot and Sewer Soup”. Laughs all around. […]

Part the Three: Various bits

• My sister’s house is massive. I really hope that she can offload it without any loss. • I also hope she can build the house she wants beside the house she needs to offload. She’s busier than a paper wasp at a pulp fiction convention. • I wore Government of Canada, Parks Canada rented […]


So Im in Pharma Plus returning some of those nearly disposable battery operated toothbrush heads. See I bought a “Spin Brush Pro” and picked up just the “Spin Brush” regular or something. They were the wrong ones. So anyway. I ask the woman at the counter if I could return them but I had bought […]

I, Robot

We’ve all had this happen. We grew up on a story or book that in some way has touched us. We put the book down and our lives are changed. Our perspective is solidified for most of our lives due to the written words on a page. Thus it was for me with the book […]

Tacking on History

I discovered that I had not transfered all my old blog before deleting it off the server. I showed my boss the WayBack machine at and thought to look in on my old stomping/griping ground “”. I am sitting here at work, slowly adding to the archives. Feel free to scan them. I’ve had […]


The Toronto In and Out Film Festival (who’s site is down as I type this) will be screening this movie (titled “Bear Cub” for us non-Spaniards). I recommend that if you slightly align yourself with hairy, easygoing men or consider yourself hard core Bear, you rent this movie instead of going to the theatre, especially […]

Paranoid Friend

I have a paranoid friend and I love him to bits. He keeps a small, cut up meatloaf tin over his apartment door letter slot. He says it to stop people from looking in at his $10,000 worth of computer bits. Once I tried to put a birthday card through his slot and wasn’t able […]