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iTunes 5 Bug


If you haven’t done so yet, hold off on downloading iTunes 5 until a patch is available. I read (via Cnet’s that people are starting to complain of weird bugs on Apple’s support forums. Stuff like music and directories going missing, QuickTime incompatablities or the darn thing just not opening.

I just plugged in my iPod and discovered it created a new “On The Go” folder filled with show tunes and Xmas music. WTF?

Maybe Apple is subconciously getting people to shop for their Nanoo Nanoo’s early.

UPDATE: Just found some James Bond Themes in there too. Huh?!

Lets See if This Works…


Moniker Online Services, LLC
20 SW 27th Ave.
Suite 201
Pompano Beach, Florida 33069

Re: Invoice #2005-09

October 4, 2005

To Whom It May Concern:

I am providing you with my invoice for advertising on my private, non-commercial site for the month of September 2005. Your company was responsible for content and comment spam I received during that month supplied by clients who use your services, which in turn, required me to pay an additional charge for extra bandwidth required to display your client’s ads. Since I am unable to contact them directly due to their dubious business practices, I feel it is your responsibility to pass this charge onto your clients while covering my costs.

September Bandwidth overages: $78.00CDN

Payment can be made to the address below. If you require 30, 60 or 90 day payment options, we can discuss terms via email below.

Thank you.



Update: I got a response!

Subject: FW: Invoice for Sept/Oct 2005
From: “Monte Cahn”
Date: Tue, October 4, 2005 10:47 pm

You need to send this invoice to the domain owner/Registrant or the hosting
company that is hosting the domain. We are the Registrar not the

Thank you.

Best Regards,
Monte Cahn
Founder / CEO

I went back to the top three spammer’s URLs and lo and behold the sites are gone. In the ever successful War on Drugs, it was the policy of the US to undermind the suppliers of the drug, right? In that vein, I feel that Monkier should be held accountable for selling these bulk URLs to known spammers. So what should I write back to (snicker) Monte? Suggestions in the comments, please!

2 More Sleeps


Clothing update!

Underwear: 9 pair
Socks: 10 pair
Swimwear: 3 pair
Pants: 3
Dress shorts: 2
Gym shorts: 2
Shoes: 3
T-shirts: 9
Dress Shirts: 5
Ties: 2
Suit: 1
Windbreaker: 1
Day Trip Bags: 2
Sunglasses: 2
notebook: 1

I can’t frigging wait!!! Its like I have bees in my pants…fighting the ants!!

Creepy Things, Personal News, Stuff.


Those statues The Flight Centre uses to display current prices creep me out. When I see them out of the corner of my eye I always have to do a double take. I see one every day on the way to work and think it’s a guy who I know works for the FC and sometimes subs in the agency by my office, but since we “did it” a few years back, he’s decided that he doesn’t remember me. That’s right. He has sexamnesia.

Speaking of which, I sort of side with the guy who claimed he was afflicted with sexsomnia. I know someone who has it and witnessed it first hand. So to speak. ‘Nuff said.

I am signing up for Bad Dog Theatre’s improv program today. Wish me …er… break a leg. What do I hope to get out of it? ATTENTION! Attention I deserve! I want my own g-d show or a spot on SNL. So people can say “I knew him when he was funny.”

Today, however, my back is killing me. It’s been steadily getting worse to get out of bed since Monday and this morning, Sharkboy had to push me to stop me from falling back onto the matress and pooping the bed. I’m ok as soon as I’m up but its that initial inertia that is rough. He thinks it’s my kidney.

2006 – A Year (so far) In Review


Just my fancy way of announcing my monthly updates on the other blogs you should be reading (again, some are on my blacklist, sorry for the non-link):

BrotherDown ( has a difficult time with “YellowStone” Never charade drunk.

“…the experience of nearly a generation of gay men being wiped out from HIV is just as far removed from you as the holocaust.” Lordy AcidReflux’s blog ( is funny yet not. Yet is. (whispers) Should I be laughing…?

Jim B hasn’t updated his blog since November. It’s understandable. He’s renovating. Maybe some traffic to his site will inspire him to post some pictures of the damage.

Dawn was worried about the floods. Hopefully Arnold will keep her safe.

Salvage made a funny at our American friend’s expense.

Ever realized something from your youth wasn’t what it seemed? Not Well Planned got a wake up call.

Photojunkie links to a sick-making wicked cool picture. Shimmy!

Blamb gives us another self indulgent smarmy cartoon (I am, of course, just kidding). This one made me want to call Airmiles and demand my toaster.

A well hung conversation over at Where the Hell Was I:
Her: What color would you think would work?
Me: Gee, I dunno. Magenta?
Her: Um… well, I think magenta might, ah, clash. With, sort of, everything.
Me: Oh. Okay. How about black, then?
Her: Black? On the walls? All the walls?
Me: Well, black doesn’t clash, right?

That Woman wakes up without a hangover Jan 01. Good for him.

Nothing I type here can prepare you for SloppyJoe’s clip of the month. Just go.
Star Wars Stripper part 1

Star Wars Stripper part 2