Giving it Away For Free, Part the Second

I offer up to the Interweb these print/web comic ideas since I have no time to get them started. Feel free to develop them to your liking, just make sure you put “Created by Dead Robot!” (yes, with exclamation point). Some skate close to pre-copywritten things but you can cry “fair use” to weasle out. […]

Thanksgiving Deathrace 2000

I’ve spent a total of 27++ hours in a car this weekend in a return trip to Sharkboy’s sister’s house in Vermont (via a quick pick up/drop off of his parents and aunt just south of Montreal). I still can’t believe I only took one picture. One picture! The trip was good. It was nice […]

Late Night Booty Call

Transcript from my cell phone voicemail. Call from: 905 XXX XXXX Time: 1:10am “Hey. This is Leo (Could have been “Theo” or “Neo”). Uh. I know it’s late at night. *mumble* like 1am. I was just callin’ you know. Just wondering how you *mumble*. Anyway I was just got up and *mumble*. Like lots of […]

Blind Testing

What would you give to hear what people thought of you, candidly, without them knowing you were listening? Your own private blind focus group. While at a house party a few weeks back, Sharkboy, three other guests and I, were discussing a painting hanging prominently in the living room of our hosts. As I turned […]