What Are You?

11:30pm, Friday night. Sharkboy and I are eating our post-Bear night pizza on the steps at Church and Alexander. A posse of 5 young men all approximately around 20 years old, their collective weight maybe 85Kg, noisily walk past us. Then walk back and park themselves in front of our pizza-noshing stoop. They’re all hootern’ […]

Sharkboys say the Darndest Things!

Saturday night and Sharkboy and I are walking towards the campground’s party tent. We pass a small tree and instantly we’re covered in spider threads. “I’m covered in websites!” howls Sharkboy. His English fails him in times of panic (he hates spiders). “I’ve got URLs in my hair!” I respond.


With my hand-me-down amp (thanks OldAudioDude!) and garage sale turntable, I am about to embark on the greatest computer adventure ever… burning my old LPs to CD. When I lived in England I loved music, as opposed to these days where music and I nervously say “hi” while passing in the laundry room. Back then […]

Words Across a Bum

Why do teen girls wear those track pants with words printed across their butts? It makes them look whorish. Especially when they choose words like “Baby” or “Wiiiiide Load”. I’m just sayin.

Cruisin’ Part III – At Sea and Labadee

Part I – Miami Part II – The Radiance of the Seas Sharkboy and I barely slept all night. The wind picked up and howled outside our balcony door making the cabin sound like a windtunnel at a Honda Element testing plant. We wake to smooth rolling waves and somewhat overcast skies and discover that […]

Sloppy Joe Video

I am extremely sorry I haven’t gone to Sloppy Joe’s site sooner when the URL was passed to me on a dirty Black Eagle trick card. You should go now. While you’re still in the Xmas spirit. Sloppy Joe loves video and it shows. Watch The Story of Jesus for stellar scripting like this: God: […]