3 More Sleeps

I folded shirts for THE CRUISE last night! So far the t-shirt count is hovering at about 8. That might go up. Underwear: 9 pair Socks: 8 pair Swimwear: 3 pair Pants: 0 Shoes: 3 T-shirts: 8 Dress Shirts: 3 Ties: 2 Suit: 1 If you would like to buy flowers, champagne, or colouring books […]

In Tune With Not Well Planned

She had a similar Sunday to mine, except for all that work stuff. Sharkboy and I got up at 8:30am and immediately turned on Coronation Street. 20 minutes later (and with much wailing from Katie), ADD won out and we turned on the PS2 at the foot of the bed and started to play Grand […]

Rogers = DoublePlus UNGOOD

I get a MSN moments ago with an interesting link: Rogers Kills Bittorrent Silently in the last month or so, Rogers has been capping and data throttling High Speed Ultra users (yes the ones who’ve paid for unlimited data transfer) who seem to be using Bittorrent. It’s ok. You Ultra subscribers said that this was […]