…or Electronic Voice Phenomenon, if you will. I first heard of it in William Gibson’s book “Pattern Recognition”: the lead character’s mother becomes obsessed with trying to “hear” messages from her husband who was lost during 9-11. It seems the interpretation of the soundfile is souly up to the listener, hearing what they want to […]

Parade News

I just got all the pics off my digital cam from Pride Toronto and ROTC parades and Ive got around to optimizing the ROTC pics. I will get to the Pride ones soon. Pride in Montreal was great. It almost made me want to go to more Pride celebrations (almost…I am not too great in […]


camping you say? why no thank you, I’ve already been. pics of the labour day weekend are up and ready for your amusement. (ed – long since deleted – try the gallery upper right hand side…) I’m also reinstating DEADROBOT for shits and giggles. a couple flash items take forever to load so be patient, […]

I, Moron

I am ready. I am ready to leave my job and live in a park and eat found food. I am ready to kick my cell phone and watch it shatter into 10000 million pieces. I am ready to rip the wires from my wireless router and shove the box down the loo. I am […]

Wile E Coyote

Imagine you’re Wile E Coyote. Imagine youve released a boulder that you hope will destroy your arch enemy the Road Runner. Imagine it going all wrong and you are suddenly hunted by the same machinations you created. Why the fuck would you run away from it, following the same path as its course of destruction? […]