More Numbers

So I gets me a new camera. It’s pretty freaking sweet. You all know that. And I goes to the Zombie Walk here in Toronto last weekend. I take a bazillion pictures and post some of them up to Flickr. A couple are picked up by Flickr Blog and hosted on their main page for […]

Boba Felt

I have a career waiting for me if I ever leave the loving embrace of Graphic Design: T-shirt design! While ordering my tea at my local Starbucks, the barista behind the cash notices my home made Boba Fett felt tee. “OHMYGOD That is a-maz-ing!” Other baristas stop what they’re doing and look over. “COOL!” “AWESOME!” […]


Fortressofsolitude, SharkBoy (check out the new site!) and I wandered around the stalls at WizardWorld comicon yesterday. Seriously, dudes, change the name. It sounds like a Harry Potter cash in. Much smaller than the massive FanExpo in Aug, this comicon was more personal and less stressful. Although the stars were definitely Z-list (Numerous female wrestlers […]


If you’ve been following Dead Robot Heavy Industries the last while you’ve probably seen my “Getting Ready for ‘Ween” pictures. I’m not about to reveal what I’m doing but know that in researching my costume, I’ve been led into the weirder bits of YouTube. Apparently in Japan it’s trendy for guys to don latex masks […]