Lenzr Update

Just a mild reminder that Lenzr is still going on! You have one month of uploading, voting and winning! This is my favorite so far in The Summer of Toronto contest! Here’s my all time grooviest fave in (echo machine) Emergency In Toronto onto onto to! Skyline In Toronto is a toss up for me. […]

Weekend Roundup

On Saturday, SharkBoy and I had a dinner for my brother, The Professor, who was returning to England on Sunday. We made veggie chili with chocolate, in consideration of Emma, who I just learned last week has become meatless. Dumping a fist full of semi-sweet chips into chili may sound odd, but it brought out […]

Spore: Origins

The problem with believing hype is that you’ll fall hard if the hype doesn’t live up to itself. I think that’s what I did when I heard that Spore was coming to the iPhone. Back when Spore was originally shown off at some distant, forgotten tech convention (voiced over by Robin Williams) I was enamored. […]

World of Warcraft, Made Simple

I know I’m years behind on this, but I’ve had Evil Panda breathing down my panties to sign up for this game. Last night I downloaded the demo and started to wander about. And then realized I have no clue where he would be, let alone what race he is. Cue terse email to EP, […]