Tap Tap Revolution

I was trying to remember how to spell terrytory during Words With Friends when Instagram killed my vibe. It’s been like that since notifications came to the iPhone: rude, interrupting alerts murdering the flow of your mobile experience. Now, Apple updates it’s iOS with over 200 new features, like “Notification Center”, a spot on your […]

iCloud, you Cloud

When I left my job at Apple retail I didn’t remind them about my staff MobileMe account. I kept it silent in hopes that I could still use the “Find My iPhone” service just in case something bad happened. I’ve been lucky they’ve not shut me down in the last year. This week Apple revealed […]


I walk in on two Starbucks baristas (one of them my ultimate favorite human service drone person lady), mid-conversation: “Come on, Dana! Take it and run with it!” “I guess…” “No, do it! Own it!” They look at me and smile. I jump in: “Yeah! Own it!” “Yeah Dana!” “Own that thing!” I continue,”Become this […]