I Want One

Via Topless Robot comes this video of Jeopardy where superplayer Ken Jennings gets his ass digitally handed to him. This is the practice run – the show airs in Feb. Here’s hoping Ken can step it up a bit. No surprise, really. I love the voice of Watson.

Project ing

Around 1995 I picked up a magazine called “Wired” and knew that graphic design was something that could be manipulated to manipulate. At the time, nothing was like Wired. They broke new grounds in typography and in design with head-scratching layouts that angered or amused, depending on your intelligence. The magazine embodied the spirit of […]

iPad Week: iPad, you Pad

I’ve been wanting to write about my iPad for some time now but I’ve obviously been busy. I have a week long special for you people: All iPad, all this week. It’s like ratings sweeps here at Dead Robot Heavy Industries! Why iPad? After selling close to a hundred of them at my summer stint […]