Hunter Valley

Continuing on with my trip to Australia… After our stay at Kangaroo Island, we spent one last night in Adelaide (you do NOT want to stay in the Mecure Adelaide unless you like moldy bathrooms and dirty carpets… ew) and then flew off to Sydney. Yes, I was straining at the window to see if […]

Long Haul

I’ve never sat for anything longer than 7 hours. I’ve been on a plane to England a couple times and with a good tail wind, gets you on the tarmac inside 8 hours if you’re lucky. See, within 10 minutes of a long car ride, I usually start humming my Bored Song: “Lamblablaaamblaaa…” Sharkboy know […]

Wheels Down

You haven’t lived until you’ve run through Cleveland International Airport. I’ll update you all with a little trip overview soon – right now I have about 30 min of video and 2000 pictures to edit down. Highlights: Kangaroo Island, Peppers Resort in Port Stephens, Getting to know wines intimately and seeing old friends. Lowlights: Confused […]