Is It Wrong


…to be hating work so much right now?

There’s no real specific thing I’m hating. I’m just screaming in my head every time I get an email or paper plopped on my desk.

This morning I got an email asking to put a link on a site. The request came with no copy or title, just a PDF. And one rule: The link wasn’t to go on any site: “It’s not to go on”

I fire off the reply: “Well. Where is it going then?”


“We closed that site a month ago,” I respond.

“I know. Its on but in the part!”

Kill. Me.

5 thoughts on “Is It Wrong

  1. SharkBoy

    Today, I received an email from my boss, asking me to print it for her… I nearly lost my sense of taste and touch together at the same when I bit my knuckles so hard to not yell at her or go slap her…
    And yes, as the Director of Sales and Marketing, she has a printer in her office…

  2. Anna Synenko

    Lil’ DB, just keep thinking “cruise, cruise…I’m goin’ on a CRUISE!” then pin up a picture of Sharkboy in a cruise setting…

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