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Amy, General

I find that I am stymied on how to review the ever changing political/social landscape yet stay within my rule I have about blogging in a non-partisan kind of way. So I have enlisted a new, bright, up-and-coming writer to my site. Please help me welcome Amy to our little online hoedown.

(You might remember Amy from the 1995 Frank Marshall movie: Congo. Amy played the sign-languaging gorilla with the voice chip in a glove she wore over her “talkin’ hand”)

Today, Amy will be discussing the new Ontario Liberal budget! Take it away Amy!

Amy! Hide! Lliberal! Banana!
Amy! Touch! Amy! Take! Yes! Amy! Pretty!
Amy! Conservative! No! Dirty! Conservative! Mess! Leave! Yesterday! Dirty! Conservative!
Amy! No! Stupid! Amy! No! Amy! Good!
Amy! Farmers! Dirty! Touch! Farmers! Love! Amy! Farmers! Sad!
Amy! Learn! Baby! Amy! Baby! Dirty! Touch! Bad!
Banana! Now?

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  1. ma damn ruge

    I love Amy, and hope she weighs in on the Doorknob McGimpy government’s solution to Ontario’s electricity crisis: the solar-powered-carrot.

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