My SpamFu Grows


I’ve been spam attacked in the last couple hours from the Ukraine. (yes I said “the” Ukraine) so I’ve added Spam Karma to my already impressive armor. If you have a problem leaving a comment, contact me above…

I recommend it for anyone using WordPress. It’s very robust and takes an extremely organic, anti-robotic (gasp!) way of looking at content spam as well as providing a heavy handed THUNK directly on offending IP addys.

15 thoughts on “My SpamFu Grows

  1. andrew

    labia is in the ukraine. not many westerners knew much about it in the past, but its culture has been much celebrated since gorbachev and the fall of the beef curtains.

  2. Anna Synenko

    Labia is in the Ukraine, isn’t it? Not so much part of the Orange Revolution as a part of the Salmon Pink Revolt.

  3. Dead Robot

    I will reset your IP madame and you shouldnt have a problem.

    I will not, however, reset the word Labia.

  4. andrew

    it’s precisely because of impotent paranoia that i chose those words. our theories of imminent peril need to be challenged and kicked aside, not worshipped and assumed as undefiable directives.

  5. Dead Robot

    Its because you’re jokingly using the word “rape” and “l@bia” in your website feild.

    You may want to rethink that in this post 9-11 internet world.

  6. andrew

    speaking of which, your new spamscreen just prevented me from commenting on the art by james post. it’s because i’m part ukrainian, i bet.

  7. Furface

    No doubt Tim Horton’s BIG BROTHER has been keeping an eye on you especially now that they’ve gone all public.

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