Plese Hyer mE!


I am wading through resumes for a Jr Web Designer position. Someone I can beat with a stick and make me tea every so often. It’s amazing how many people responded to our ad that specifically asked for an online portfolio and certain skill sets that:

• Didn’t have an online portfolio. A web designer without an online presence is like a TV preacher without a sex scandal.
• Had a portfolio but had dead links in it (guilty!)
• Had no clue how to spell check (guiltyx2)
• Wrote terse, turgid or confusing cover letters. Granted I didn’t look hard at them, just to see if they regurgitated back the requirements listed, but there was one that was three sentences long and a link. Thats all. Nothing like cutting through the treacle.
• Had a portfolio but built the entire thing in Flash. While this wouldn’t be so bad but it hardly showcases your ability to code HTML, xHTML or CSS.
• Didn’t read the ad close enough to realize we were looking for designers with Photoshop, not Developers with C++ language.

After 24 hours of posting the ad to a popular web media job board, we got 15 resumes. 5 of them will be called. I suspect 2 of those 5 are over qualified for what we’re looking for.

7 thoughts on “Plese Hyer mE!

  1. Joe Clark

    BTW, if you really want to separate the men from the boys and all other gender surrogates, state that only portfolios with valid (X)HTML and CSS and appropriate semantics will be considered. That drops your talent pool into the single digits.

  2. Joe Clark

    Surely you mean XHTML. Writing it as xHTML implies that x is used as a variable and there are such things as QHTML, LGBHTML, LGBTQHTML, and the like.

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