Things That Have Enriched my Day, Webbically

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Land on Titan with Phillip Glass (via BoingBoing). Why it’s Enriching: Eerie yet beautiful video of the Cassini-Huygens landing. How to Ruin the Moment: When it’s fully loaded, drag the slider back and forth… Landing!! Blast Off!! Landing!! Blast Off!! WEEE!!!

Of the US government snooping on it’s own, William Gibson says “What? This surprises you?Why it’s Enriching: Gibson could spin a massive global computer virus as cool. I’m loving this scandal as much as as the Manwhore in the Press Gallery scandal. You Americans are WACKY! How to Ruin the Moment: Wake up and realize you’re not watching V For Vendetta. Oddly enough it seems Americans don’t mind losing control over this liberty.

Dainty Bastard’s Pic of the Day a few days back Why it’s Enriching: I love the harsh perspective and structure of the shot. How to Ruin the Moment: Have you ever been under that bridge? The aroma coming off the Don and the smell of pee is nearly unbearable.

Speaking of DB, the new Pugly contestants are up!

Pet Shop Boys (yes! they’re still around!) are releasing a new album and you can hear parts of it on their navigationally challenged site. I’ve heard it the entire album and if you’re even 1/10th a “Pet Head”, you’re going to be very very happy. Why its Enriching: I can’t bloody wait to see the video for “The Sodom and Gomarrah Show” How to Ruin the Moment: did I mention their dumb ass website? And no North American tour dates set yet.

Found this site buried in my favorites at work: Robot Gossip! This guy is in tune with mecca! Why it’s Enriching: Best robot feed I’ve found yet. He has some great photos. How to Ruin the Moment: Blogger site.

And finally, a quote from my RSS: A desk is a dangerous place from which to watch the world. John le Carre

One thought on “Things That Have Enriched my Day, Webbically

  1. Dainty Bastard

    Glad ya like the shot. Actually, the smell was almost non-existent that day. I had to climb over hoardings, fences and rail-lines to get there because the entire area is now closed off for the DonLands city-building project. So, it was very, very quiet, calm and almost only naturally odiferous.

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