Going Off My Breakfast Television

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Yes, I am a Brekkie. I watch Breakfast Television on CP24 every morning, usually between 6 and 7:30am. It’s on in the background as I dress and poop and generally get ready for work. Noting gets you going faster than little bite sized lines of half news.

I may be totally creating a scenario in my head but I’m noticing a bit of friction between Kevin and Frank. And Kevin and Jennifer. And Kevin and Tracy. Note the common denominator here?

I have to wonder exactly how Kevin fits in for BT. Is he the “everyman” that we as audience identifies with, personifying the average “joe” with his default setting on “struggling modern guy”, mugging embarrassed with some new fad or gadget that confounds him? Or is he the serious newsman, his suspenders as signature to the old guard, stern voice venting his masturbatory obsession with traffic and snow, just north of the city? On any given show, Kevin will let loose with some insensitive macho comment resulting in at least one of his co-host rolling their eyes. Usually these days it’s directed at Jennifer in some manner. Thankfully she’s way out of the studio at some location, unable to yell at him between commercials.

How would I fix it? Keep Kevin as “the news guy”. He’s well suited to deliver the news in all seriousness. Hire a more youthful male to play off Dina and Frank so that they can provide some more relevant banter other than how much it really snows up in Barrie. Frank has enough sense and wisdom to play opposite Dina’s loopy manner, and is able to edit himself of potentially offensive comments directed towards women in general. Get a young, attractive guy in there and lets see some sparks going. Right now it’s like watching the uncomfortable chemistry between Catherine Zeta Jones and Sean Connery in Entrapment, sans Sean’s charm.

At least once a morning Sharkboy yells at Kevin for being a scene stealing megalomaniac. I hush him for yelling but inside, I agree.

9 thoughts on “Going Off My Breakfast Television

  1. Dead Robot

    Hockeyfan, I’m not surprised that K is quoting Eye magazine from 12 years ago.

    12 years ago I was pretty flirtatious too. Nowadays when I flirt, I wind up in friendly “q&a” sessions down at the police station.

  2. Dead Robot

    We’d need to get rid of Kevin first and I get the feeling that he wouldn’t relinquish his position that easy. Plus, Dina needs a younger, handsome guy to play off of. I’m almost wrinkly and saggy.

    Plus I’m borderline cantankerous. I’d put people off their coffee in the morning.

  3. cowtown queen

    So, Mr DR, why don’t you go for the position? I don’t watch that particular show (not available in my part of the world) but surely your presence would add to the programme? Maybe it would quickly and daily deteriorate to a ‘deadrobot’ comedy hour, but I bet you wouldn’t be yelling at the TV anymore! I’m sure your ‘regular job’ would allow you to arrive late, after you wrapped up the show.

  4. hockeyfan960

    From Kevin’s Bio….

    Eye Magazine voted Kevin “Best Flirt on a Local Television Broadcast,� in 1995

  5. Dead Robot

    That would be Hugh Burril. He’s been shunted to the 6 o’clock news. I agree, he made the mornings more woodilicious.

  6. FurryWolf

    When I first moved here, there was a quasi-hot bearish shaved-head sports guy on breakfast television…what happened to him? I never pay attention much to Kevin, he IS annoying, but so are Roger, Rick and Marilyn on Chum FM on the drive to work, so I have settled on listening to Star 102.5 FM from Buffalo-Rob Lucas- and have stopped watching breakfast tv…maybe if they do bring a hot man on, I’ll start watching again.

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