Good Things*

Celebs and Media

The scene: a packed courtroom, droning with low conversation. Media train their lenses at the witness box. The judge hammers his desk.

Judge: Order! ORDER! (crowd settles) We will now hear from the defendant.

A lanky gentlemen in Cathcart work clothes, basic farmer outfit, approaches the front of the courtroom. He sits. He leans in and taps the microphone in front of him, resulting in mild feedback. The mike is live.

Witness: I would like to say a few words here in my own defense.

(he sings)
Good things decompose,
In Onnntarrrioooo!

The courtroom explodes in loud shouts and activity.

*Non-Ontario residents may not get this.

5 thoughts on “Good Things*

  1. SplitRail

    That is vile, repugnant, socially irresponsible and and borders on treason.

    I think I love you.


    P.S. Am I the only one who’s noticed the bushel basket on that crooning agronomist?

  2. Dead Robot

    I just started to sing it one day, thinking of a pig farmer’s sorry deranged life paraded in front of the cameras. It made me giggle.

  3. Normlr

    I get the reference but I don’t get it – unless it’s not referring to an actual event or person and instead is the pun of a bad joke or something. Then I think I get it.

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