Oh my iGod!

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I wake at 5am to pee. When I come back SharkBoy wishes me a happy birthday (as I am sure you do too, thank you) and he asks if I want my present now.

Now? 5am?

I lazily open the paper to find…
A friggin’ iPhone!! I am utterly blown away! I said a choice expletive. Yay to having friends travelling to America! (Thanks M!)

It’s smaller than I thought. Lighter. Sexy.

Christ, even the USB is sleeker than other USB jacks. Like Apple is thumbing it’s nose at clunky design.

I’ve spent the last hour looking for Canadian resources that will tell me if I can use it without activating it. So far I’ve found a hack that gets right inside the phone’s code but I don’t want to be that drastic. One suggests all I need to do is replace the SIM card with a pay-as-you-go card. I inserted my own phone’s card but it didn’t work. I’m off to the Rogers/Apple store after work. At best, I have an iBrick until the winter (estimated Rogers getting off their ass time). I swear, it’s like holding crack rock up to a druggie.

Remember how I said I had the best husband in the world? You may touch my sleeve.

13 thoughts on “Oh my iGod!

  1. andrew

    put it on a chain. you’re a klutz.

    just the other day i saw a woman trying to reach into a storm drain to get her cell phone back. i was tempted to kick her down there with the stupid thing.

    happy belated.

  2. Bro Michael

    I’m returning your gift. There’s absolutely no point now.

    Happy Belated b’day!

    Love M

  3. FurryWolf

    Happy b’day and I am so lost in 2001 as far as technology goes(time of split with ex-partner who was the help desk supervisor at UPS i.e. the computer man at the Charlotte hub of UPS. They(UPS)got stuff from Microsoft before the public did etc and we always had the latest and greatest stuff. Now, ah…well…I can live vicariously through what you guys have and do!

  4. Dead Robot

    Thanks D!

    I’ve been surfing all morning and I’ve found some hacks (elegant, harsh and easy) but stupid me, forgot to bring the bloody connector cables to work!

    Coincidentally, our off-site Mac Tech is in the office today and he’s directed me to a site that has a download for unlocking the phone which he has used to do three phones already.

    I may not be able to use the phone, but I’m going to use the damn thing as an iPod/camera/WiFi. It will happen. Oh yes.

  5. Normlr

    Happy Birthday!!

    Wow, your hubby spoils you as much as mine spoils me. We have great hubbies.

    I don’t think you’ll be able to use it here though. But let me know if you find a hack that actually works.

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