Condo Marketing Makeover


Condo Makeover, originally uploaded by deadrobot.

Up on Wellesley, this poor development has had a hard time of selling to the masses, due to the neighbours: Jamestown is right across the street and I guess they’re not appreciating their property values rising. When they first erected the sales office, it was tagged within hours. Then constantly paint bombed/spray painted almost nightly. Mostly stuff about how affordable housing was needed rather than gentrification.

Then this subtle attraction appeared (since gone). See the big photoshopped “condo scene” of young gay males enjoying their new patio, just there on the left of the photo? An adventurous artist added to the photo for social awareness.

Condo Makeover

Condo makeover 2

Who is she?


15 thoughts on “Condo Marketing Makeover

  1. Scott Dagostino

    Hey there,
    As the saying goes, long-time listener, first-time caller!

    After three days of interviews, I’m exhausted with this ‘Dumbledore is gay’ business and, more importantly, running behind on crafting our ‘full frontal’ section in fab.

    But then I saw your Star condo pictures — they’re completely awesome (big love to ‘defy’) and I’m wondering, good sir, if you might be willing to let us reprint one in fab and credit your blog. Yea or nay? Write me either way, if you would!

  2. force field frequency 18

    hey, i’m the only woman here… so why have none of the men noticed me?


  3. Lew

    Heh. You managed to use the word “erected.”

    That’s probably the most creative defacing of commercial work I’ve ever seen. Brilliant. I wonder how many hundreds of people just walked by without noticing anything.

    I love the pseudo-semi-Asian guy’s line.

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