Weekend Update 102107

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Better organized gallery over on Picasaweb, here.

Sharkboy has a detailed rundown of our weekend over on his blog (up on Monday morning).

But I have the photos! A lot of them look like I’m taking pictures of people taking our picture. There’s a reason for that…

I was rather apprehensive about the whole Zombie Walk thing – too shy to get there in full zombie drag and we were rather undecided as to what to wear. At 11am we still had not figured out a costume and after a dirty, empty handed trip to Goodwill, we came home dejected. Suddenly Sharkboy emerges from the bedroom whooping and hollerin’ with his Mickey Mouse ears. Bingo! Zombie Tourists!

There were nerdy fanboys, creepy goths that didn’t need to do much with their look and the outright fringe of “WTF?” outfits, but the generally it was like Halloween but with people (undead?) who actually thought about their costumes. I’d do it again in a second.

It was dead easy to keep in character. Nyuck!

10 thoughts on “Weekend Update 102107

  1. Phronk

    Awesome job on the zombie makeup. I think it’d be a great story if the zombies did start a riot. Maybe not great for whoever’s cars got smashed, but great to watch on TV.

  2. Dead Robot

    D, at one point I was going to shred a black turtleneck and do a zombie Steve Jobs.

    As for the unruly undead, I never got the feeling of a dangerous mob at all. These are harmless geeks just acting up. At one point there were about 8 zombies raging on a chain link fence for a photographer when suddenly the owner of the fence came out of his house and told the zombies to fuck off.

  3. daryl

    you face made me want to barf just a little bit. also, what about the every day drag of the iPhone zombie? 🙂

  4. SharkBoy

    As much fun as it was, and it was fun, there was also the danger of a mob scene… there were a few times when some bad dead people a little to high on death who started to shake things a little too vigorously, slam bloody hands on restaurant windows a tad too hard, at some point I was thinking how easy it would be for the undead to start rolling parked cars on the street…

    I wouldn’t be surprised if your sign was just stolen and not thrown out… way too cool to throw out.

  5. andrew

    heh, good job. i forgot about the walk this year – in the summer of 2006 i made a sign for the necropolis that they (amazingly, i thought) threw out. i was going to put it out in front of the house this year.

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