Losing Face(book)

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I’ve “deleted” my Facebook account.

I was never really on this trend, in fact, I was resistant towards it because of the amount of personal information is shunted between individuals (this coming from a guy who’s had a personal vanity blog since 2004). I was never comfortable with the amount of “work” it felt like just to maintain your profile. And on top of that, I don’t want to go to a hugely public website to find out that a family member, albeit a distant cousin or someone I knew when I was regrettably young and without sense, is in mourning for losing a pet or is celebrating the removal of their 11th toe. There’s something cold in that. Honestly, I could get more fulfilling online interaction from a Party Bingo chat room. I originally started into the site out of curiosity and then used it as a big old RSS feed for this blog, which, by the way, didn’t increase my page visits.

The thing that made me snap was my last “friend” confirmation. I got a message from the guy I use to verbally berate and call “fag” in high school. I see this guy around the village every so often and try really hard not to make eye contact. My behaviour back then was cowardly and stupid and the weight of embarrassment is too much to bear. So instead of accepting his “friend request” in what might have been a hand reaching out as a symbol of forgiveness I hit “delete”. Apparently I’m still a coward and a homophobe.

That’s why I hate Farcebook. Some things should stay unmentioned and in your past.

Meanwhile, Farcebook’s Beacon proves difficult to say “hey stop it” to. (via Mathew Ingram)

10 thoughts on “Losing Face(book)

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  2. Phronk

    Facebook can be a pretty good tool for organizing events with people you don’t see every day, and for stalking old aquaintances. But yeah, some people spend way too much time on there and take it too seriously, and only real life should fill that role.

  3. SharkBoy

    I’m proud to say Facebook appears in my top 100
    Most Hated list AND was noted as such on my very first blog entry.

    And husband, as you sleep on the couch tonight, I want you to repent on your younger days of name calling.

  4. photog2

    Facebook sucks… I still have the stupid account because my friend who originally got me into it won’t let me delete it. I am sure one day it will go the way of my friendster, orkut, multiple bear accounts… deleted! And about your “friend”… you’re both much different people now, I am sure he’s let it go… not that you’d like to be friends with him anyway (he scares photog1 too)

  5. Dead Robot

    Oh I don’t know, with a little rouge and an industrial strength eyelash curler you’d be pretty convincing.

  6. Lew

    Add me?

    I had a MySpace page for about a week. It was so utterly stupid and it was killing me on the inside because the design was so weak. I can’t stand the way the background template anchors under the scrolling text. It’s just nasty all the way around. I guess I wouldn’t make a good 12 year old girl.

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