World AIDS Day

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I was going to put something smart-assed up for WAD, but when I saw this light display the other day I thought better of it.


Last night the cat woke me up at 4:30am and trying to get back to sleep I came up with a whole comedy routine in my dazed state. The brunt of the routine was this statement: “When was the last time big pharmaceutical companies ever cured anything? Restless leg syndrome? Fuck off. They’re cultivating cash cows. Worse than the Matrix.”

Think, remember and act.

5 thoughts on “World AIDS Day

  1. andrew

    my day was quiet – i wasn’t volunteering but i took in a box of food for the food bank. not crappy ‘equality’ kraft dinner, either.

    if your cat is acting up, seek out a product called ‘feliway’. it’s a plug-in diffuser that sprays happy-cat pheremones into the air. i’m hoping it was invented by dr. moreau and we’ll all be mutants by this time next year.

  2. Lew

    I had one that peed on all my CDs. Over. And. Over.

    She’s long gone, but I still pick up something from ’89 or ’90 (Stone Roses or Dee LIte, perhaps?) and it smells like urine. Lucky me.

    Nice cat though.

  3. FurryWolf

    Kitty-cat antidepressants or phenolbarbitol…Once had a kitty…Esmeralda(a dumpster find in Golden Gate park one day)..She devil of San Francisco was more apt…she would terrorize anything that moved. And if it did not move, but made noise when jumped upon, it was terrorized as well. Catnip given before bedtime helped for a while then the vet determined she had a misfire in her brain and for the remaining years of her life, she got phenolbarbitol daily…sorta like kitty cat valium….I think its what you give people with epilepsy. Whatever, it worked. She became a mello lap cat after that.
    Or, you just know you have a wild child and start child proofing the house.

  4. SharkBoy

    I wish they had a cure for cats that go crazy for no apparent reason and start destroying the things you love in front of your eyes, all the while knowing that they would never touch these things if you weren’t there looking at them.

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