Catch My Fall – Comedy on the Danforth


I’m doing a quick and dirty hour show tonight at Timothys (corner of Chester and Danforth, Chester subway) with Gord Oxley, Jane Luk and Dave (mumblemumble)! Best seats are available at 8:45pm, show starts at 9, drinks after commence at 10pm.

Come see me fall on my face! I havent been on stage in MONTHS! Weee!!!

4 thoughts on “Catch My Fall – Comedy on the Danforth

  1. Dead Robot

    Packed house. I faltered a couple times, but generally met with polite laughter. Greg and Jane were amazingly quick (they’ve been doing it for years) and Gord made me feel comfortable as usual.

    Best moment was when I passed the responsibility for singing a song onto a smart alecky kid. Crowd went wild, and I didn’t have to sing.

  2. Da

    Damn I wish I could go to the show to night, but they wont let me travel with the feed bag!!!! I am sure that you will WOW them.


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