Empty Bowl 2008

Personal Bits, Toronto

Has it been a year since our last Empty Bowl? Same amazing bowls, amazing soups, nearly over-crowded room, but this year no oppressive heat. Delish! Same drill: buy a ticket, get an artisan made bowl and access to 20 fancy falootin’ restaurant’s soups…proceeds to Anishnawbe Health Toronto.

Unfortunately Da could not eat anything but still went and supported the staff and had a nice chin wag with the other volunteers at the Gardiner Ceramics Museum.

Enjoy some pics:

Da, not eating, but still with his free bowl.

Get there early or the old ladies will knee you in the shins to get at the bowls first.

Hot Chef Bear from Jamie Oliver’s Restaurant

Da and his friend Keith share a moment.

Hold my bowl!

Seconds after I was told that there were no pictures allowed in the lineup for bowls. Apparently aboriginal sex fetishes have copyrights.

The bearded Bear Chef had intense greyblue eyes and spat out the words “Lobster….Bisque!”

Line up. Wait. Eat. Repeat.

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  2. Romach

    Hey buddy as always really lovely pics and never mine the hot chef bearded bear! who’s that other sexy bearded man! 😉 😉 BTW I love the look of your new blog also. Lovely bowls too, I wish they had something like that near us. I love little events like that

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