Saftey First!


Woman #1: “My daughter failed her first driver’s test.”
Woman #2: “Really…?”
Woman #1: “We went to the east end office for the test and they failed her for one thing! I found out that they have a high rate of failures there so the next time we went to North York and was in and out of the test in 5 minutes!”

2 thoughts on “Saftey First!

  1. Dead Robot

    She was also commenting on how she had saved “hundreds of dollars” by sending her daughter to a cheaper Drivers Ed company, but I couldn’t remember the exact words.

    Note to self: stay off the roads when I hit 45yrs of age.

  2. Steve Rebooted

    That’s funny! Truth be told, I knew where to go when I got my license. Seems every major metro area has a station with the reputation of passing anyone!

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