Birthday Comes Early

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Trends, my friends.

In the past SharkBoy has greeted the anniversary of the first day of existence with fun gadgets that fill up our empty relationship (holy crap I am so kidding…):

One year I got a PSP and a marriage proposal.

Last year was the iPhone (amen) and a Wii (bless me).

This year? A 50″ plasma TV. Okay I am paying for half but it’s a welcome purchase/gift none the less. Xbox will not be disappointing.

I guess next year will be our own satellite if we were to keep with/outdo the electronics theme.

Tonight, while going off to BestBuy to buy it bestly, we stopped in at Funland to check to see if they were really closing on Friday night, my actual birthday. Nope. They were closing this evening. Thankfully we took the time to check. We chatted with the change guy (He was actually smoking inside at the booth – what were they going to do? Shut him down?) and then pushed my way through the small crowd to the back where the ancient games were kept. SharkBoy was a bit skeeved at the lighting and a few sketchy patrons but was reverent with my memories.

VR Helmet Ted

VR Helmet Ted

Ghosts of my past. The arcade was full of hyper active Asian kids playing Dance Dance Revolution at speeds that made me physically frightened for the integrity of their ankles. I really wish the iPhone did video. Really not much different than when I use to go there – just using a different appendage to slap the buttons.

The one game we decided to play “stole” $2 from us.

Bye Funland! I’ll think of you often when I see dead technology.

Now we wait for the delivery truck. I am so going to get a catheter for Sunday!

9 thoughts on “Birthday Comes Early

  1. cb

    Lemme get this straight. You are not only getting a 50″ flat screen tv, but you ALSO got prezzies in BED?? You suck.

  2. Phronk

    Not sure if you know this, but has the best prices on cables I’ve seen. The same quality BB sells at $100 for like $10.

    And with Best Buy, you can always price match if you find the same TV for a better price afterward.

    Congrats on the TV. A big TV really does make video games funner. 🙂

  3. Dead Robot

    Lew: It’s time has come. Sometimes we just have to accept change and put it in the old Tekken 3 machine.

    Romach: Thanks! You have a great weekend!

    Sean: we did a few electronic stores up and down Yonge and other big department places but in the end, it was convenience. I’m not a fan of BlestBly (the “L” is for loser!) but for variety in one spot, easy delivery and no pressure sales (except for $100 HDMI cables, which we told them to shove), we kept on coming back to BB. Where did you get yours?

  4. Seangstm

    Please tell me you shopped around for your TV. Just saying as an owner and (obviously) previous purchaser of a 47″ TV and loads of technology, I have rarely found BestBuy to be the “Best Buy.”

    And I expect news of a PS3 purchase before this time next year. 🙂

  5. Lew

    That’s FUCKED UP.

    An arcade should never close.

    I fear for the future, and it isn’t the cunts from Al “Keedah” (Spell it how you wish)

    We are in charge of our own demise, and Wii, X Box and good weather isn’t the culprit.

    Look to your government.

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