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Phronk hates Rogers as much as I do. He getting tired of their flyers coming through his door trying to sell him stuff he doesn’t want or already has. Go take a look at his post. He makes a great point about how crap we don’t need is displayed like something religious.

Here’s the ad he got:

I loved his remix of it. So I did one too:

5 thoughts on “Rogers Ad Remix

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  2. andrew

    i’ve been meaning to email rogers (my service provider, i should confess here) to ask them why they universally select only particularly unattractive actrons to use as shills in their ads. i try not to be lookist and realise that we are a fairly grotesque species in general, but i am always amazed when i witness a new (always horribly written/acted/put together/directed) ad and get to look at people who appear to have just jumped from the dirty laundry hamper (at best) or a slough in a leper colony in the year 1974 (at near worst).

    dear rogers’ ad drones: humans tend to be attracted to other humans who are somewhat symmetrical and don’t have a thin film of grease on their skin! and, if i have to see that pop-eyed idiot with the cheap suit who keeps his mouth hanging open in any more television ads, i’m going to put his head on a stick in front of your corporate headquarters.

    ugh. this is why telus and other firms use pretty little fish and other attractive creatures in their ads, and not disgusting apelets.

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