Rogers Steals My Traffic (And Yours Too!)

Tech, You Stupid Dick

Looked at my stats since Sunday and wondered what I did to piss off my readers. Then I remembered that was when Rogers started their search page redirects. Before, a lot of people were viewing and/or hitting my site through searches.

Now, as you can see, I’ve dropped by nearly 50%

Rogers Hijacks my views

Rogers Hijacks my views

I wonder if I can get a slice of that lost revenue pie…?

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9 thoughts on “Rogers Steals My Traffic (And Yours Too!)

  1. Phronk

    Ah yeah, that makes sense. So Rogers has actually reduced the features of some web browsers (ie their ability to deal with incomplete urls). There’s a lawsuit waiting to happen there.

  2. erik

    Anyone remember when VeriSign tried that?
    I’d check with your hosting company and make sure that at least and both point to the webserver. A wildcard record pointing to the webserver would probably be better if you can do that.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to see how much more DNS tampering they can get away with. So long, Net Neutrality… 🙁

  3. Dead Robot

    And I realize I have no actual DNS proof or server stat numbers, just current page views that correspond coincidentally on the same day they started their service.

    Let me hate and accuse wildly, ok?

  4. Dead Robot

    Some people type just “deadrobot” (no dotcom, etc) into the address bar and depending on their browser, get my site or a search page with the link. In some instances a full URL has to be put in. That’s how SharkBoy discovered this feature from Rogers. He was typing (no www, no http) and getting their search/ad page. I am not entirely sure how this is working from Roger’s end but my numbers are really down.

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