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I was remiss yesterday by not mentioning Da’s Outstanding Award for Community Service (story and pics at SharkBoy’s pages) Way to go Da! You’ll also be glad to know that we were on the same page about the MCCT service – the Church of Broadway – They sang the entire time. Who is the patron saint of Jazz Hands?

Geddit? Cant Face?

Geddit? Cant Face?

Today we went to the “live” taping of How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?” and had a great time! I’m writing this before checking out the PVR to see if they got us on TV.

Having Nun of it

Having Nun of it

The whole process was taped live before a studio audience with no slip ups. I love Gavin Crawford. I saw him once at an open Mic years ago and he was brilliant. But here he was 100% scripted (I watched the teleprompters), which is a shame. We tried to get his attention with our sign:

Cow Tipping Votes

Cow Tipping Votes

We waved it hard but he never noticed, Jenna did, I think. I was in a brief shot with a steady cam but they didn’t use the shot in the final show.

Sharkboy and Stage

Sharkboy and Stage

4 thoughts on “Weekend, Live TV, Cow Tipping

  1. Dead Robot

    CB it’s a Canadian reality TV show called “How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?” where contestants sing their way into a leading role up here in the frozen tundra. Official site here.

    As for the t-shirt: in the movie “sound of music”, the mother superior turns to Maria and says “What is it Maria, you can’t face?”

    If you’ve got a sick mind, you can easily hear “What is it Maria, you cunt face?”

  2. cb

    Um, I”m not sure I get the t-shirt reference… or what you guys were watching in a studio for that matter.

  3. Seangstm


    Hey – that was me who mentioned that, silly! 🙂

    And yes, for this week and next week’s finale, ALW is one of the *cough* judges. He’s as twitchy as the rest, but thankfully not as loud and obnoxious as John “I really AM a leading man” Barrowman.

    Totally forgot you guys were going to last night’s taping. DAMMIT! ALready deleted it on the PVR. 🙁

  4. Romach

    Oh right, the penny drops! When you mentioned HDYSAPLM on my blog I didn’t realize Canada were doing their own version! Who’s the judges then? Surely not Lord webber????

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