Typecasting Brilliance?

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Remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still, with Keanu Reeves as the visiting alien Klaatu:

Possible changes I can see from the trailer:

1951: Communist paranoia abounds as a “stranger comes to town”
2008: Al Gore paranoia when Earth becomes a eaten(?) turned into(?) a dustbowl

1951: Klaatu is Jesus – his psuedoname is “Mr Carpenter”
2008: Klaatu is a robot – he barely blinks. Whoa.

1951: Gort is actually in control and runs the show.
2008: Gort is directing and steals the show.

5 thoughts on “Typecasting Brilliance?

  1. andrew

    whoever erik is, i share his opinion on this. it’s one thing if a writer and director are huge fans of a project and want to rework it with their sensibilities – i have no problem with that sort of thing. when it’s simply a cashgrab on the part of greedy millionaires and art is the furthest thing from anyone’s mind, there ought to be a team of assassins dispatched.

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