Bye Bye Crumberland!

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Torontoist reports (sadly for them, happily for me) that the Cumberland 4 up in Yorkville is closing their doors.

Boo hoo.

I’m all for independent cinema, it keeps the crap at bay and makes Hollywood look like a bunch of money hungry assholes they generally are. But do thoughtful, creative movies have to be shunted to a theatre so god awful that the experience of seeing the film detracts so much from the movie that it becomes just as easy to go rent it at home (and cheaper)?

I was much more sadder when the Uptown shut down, even after the hack job they did to it to keep it afloat.

3 thoughts on “Bye Bye Crumberland!

  1. Dead Robot

    I could have gone on about the patrons as I have done in the past, but I had to stay focused on the crappy building. Hopefully the “cinema” crowd will be forced to take up residence at the shitty Scotiabank theatre.

  2. bstewart23

    And what cinema will I go to for my fill of Yorkville matrons noisily parroting whatever idiotic drivel about the movie that they read in The Star a day earlier?

    I miss the Uptown, too. Hell, I miss the Sheraton and Hudson Bay Centres’ theatres!

  3. SharkBoy

    What theatre will I go now when I want to see electrical heaters with their cords snaking trhough the middle of the aisles in Winter???

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