Catastrophic FAIL

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Last night I sat down to my computer and noticed an odd message, saying that one of the “files on the disk” failed to initialize, resulting in my Taskbar changing itself to look like Windows NT.

Uh. Oh.


After a very long time past the BIOS screen, nothing. No log in, nothing.

Restart. Oh god please restart.

Nothing. Dead black screen.

Thankfully I have all my files on a completely separate storage drive. But it looks like a night of disk-humping reloading, rebooting and calling Windows Support to obtain my serial number again. Who’s up for a call to India? Then after that, drivers, applications and preferences. Finally, all my email is gone (take note friends/family!) and I’m hobbling along on web-based interfaces.

If any of you people wish to donate to my “Get an iMac Fund” my Paypal account will be available at the bottom of your screens. Call now!

I don’t know if I got a virus or something from all those old iPhone hack programs were to blame. I do know that if I can’t get it started/fixed, then this will be the most expensive summer I’ve had in a long time.

But, still no ads on Dead Robot Heavy Industries, my readers!

In some sort of bizzaro world, I wonder if the Large Hadron Collider had anything to do with this? I’m actually one of the “push the goddamned button and let’s see what this baby can do!” kind of people. The web is ablaze with speculation today and all they did was turn the thing on. The actual collisions will be happening later in the year. Doesn’t this whole uproar/hype/geek celebrity suddenly feel like the last 20 minutes of Contact?.

8 thoughts on “Catastrophic FAIL

  1. andrew

    who in hell managed to stay awake to see the last twenty minutes of contact?

    use the cash you made at your yard sale and buy yourself something shiny.

  2. madamerouge

    I love Contact. Godspeed in fixing your computer. I have zero dollars in my PayPal account… I have a credit in my eBay account, but somehow I don’t think that’ll help. :o)

  3. salvage

    I always thought you were on a Mac!

    I’m PC and you should stick to it, yes they fail more often but hardfails like that are rare and more common with Macs. A buddy of mine, his machine went down 6 weeks to get it back. A PC you can fix yourself in 24hours or less.

  4. cb

    Awww dude, that sucks ROYALLY! You really DO need to get a mac. I could always donate my old (sort of iffy macbook) but I’d have to scrub all the porn off of it.

  5. Romach

    When I have some spare pennies I will donate to your fund but right now spare pennies are going into my husbears account as he wants and Imac too 🙂 you geeks and your imacs lol 😉

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