Howard Hughes Invented a Bra For Me

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I just scanned one of my flickr friend’s weekend pics and it made me a bit nostalgic for the days when SharkBoy and I use to run around like spies, tearing up the town.

However, would I say that the honeymoon is over, headed into our third year? I would say no.

Yesterday, SharkBoy took me to a movie. That in itself sounds staid but it was a mystery movie.

We were up early and our chores done and he got me showered and dressed for the early shows at AMC ($6 before noon!). We get to the theatre and I think “Cool! JCVD! That will be fun.” But no, he instructs me to purchase Beverly Hills Chihuahua.


“We’re getting into the Disney spirit,” He beams.

I can’t love him any more.

At 1130am, we had the whole theatre to ourselves. We made loud comments at the screen like Howard Hughes screaming at Jane Russell’s tits.

4 thoughts on “Howard Hughes Invented a Bra For Me

  1. daryl

    wow! awesome! that’s a lot of comments!

    mostly i got a giggle out of the fact that you could read the phrase, “I can’t love him any more” two different ways.

  2. daryl

    i don’t know if i could love anyone taking me to a talking chihuahua movie before noon on a weekend either! wha wha wha….can’t love him anymore… wink wink.

    fuck i’m sleepy.

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