The Best Posts of 2008, Style


I’m guessing you’re love/hating these lists right now so I’m just going to post this now before the year is up: enjoy the best and runners up of each 2008 month. Newcomers to Dead Robot Heavy Industries may find this curious, old-tymers may find this redundant. Woot!


I write an angry letter to Dalton McGuinty, premier of Ontario (Yes, lower case “p”) as my Dad sat waiting in St Mike’s emergency ward after 24 hours (I had started to write it in my head at the 12 hour mark). Has anything changed? Well I’m getting spam from the premier’s office regularly, snail mail and eblast. I doubt the wait times are any better, but thankfully we don’t have to test it any more.

Runner up: Some of my 2008 predictions come true! I’m Miss Cleo!


Restaurant Makeover, still a villain? This post is still getting daily page reads nearly a year on. While I have not watched the show since posting this article, I suspect they’re still making it (nor do I care enough to google it to find out). However I do officially take Bulldog Cafe off my deathwatch. It’s still around with a healthy clientele, apparently!

Runner up: My iPhone Wallpaper-a-Day posts, that lasted approximately 18 days! I suck!


While my entire Vegas/LA adventure was fun, I would have to say the drive through the desert was a highlight. To this day, I will never forget the stillness, the silence of the desert.

Runner Up: A co-worker who “gets me” and I discuss an upcoming operation in a crowded elevator.


I recall all the celebrities I’ve come in contact with. Including their snot.

Runner Up: I get upset with a forums moderator who recommends a crappy iPhone hack to all who will listen. I’m still amazed to this day how passionate I was about the whole iPhone hacking community. I even started notes for an online book…

May: Despite my dad being nearly too ill to attend, we rocked Empty Bowls again. This is one of my favorite spring events (other than Sharkboy’s birthday, of course).

Runner Up: My England memory installments. It’s long and boring and self indulgent. Just like a blog!


After I wrote Pride Tips for Out Of Towners, I noticed that my page views shot up. I instantly felt kind of bad for being such a bitter and angry representative for Toronto Pride, but I do stand by my work.

Runner Up: I wipe out my student loan, avec memories!


One of my Toronto-Teen landmarks closes. I recall how much money I actually spent in that dirty arcade. Oh well… (fires up his PS3).

Runner Up: While I had a monthly record 4 posts about the evil of Rogers, I have to say the second best was relating the two attention starved gym bunnies behaving like Walter and Perry.


Such a difficult month to choose. The post about me worrying about a jockstrap, not the movie Jackass? The painting over a memory? The FanExpo post, complete with fun pix? No, I had to choose my critiquing crappy gay campground websites. So bitter. So mean.

Runner Up: My retelling of our visit to SharkBoy’s “Summer Place” where I climbed a mountain and got super sweaty.


I and a barista from my local Starbucks share a moment.

Runner Up: I fart. In public. Always funny.


We did a lot in October: Zombie Walk, Visiting family from various cities, Art With Heart auction and some free theatre, provided to us via the Playwright Brother. All were great but I have to single out the new roommate who lives above us now. Still slightly noisy, but not so much.

Runner Up: My first Nuit Blanche was fun, if not entirely curious.


While I loved Milk as a movie, I’m still kind of wondering why the best gay roles are going to straight people. Granted I can’t see Lance Bass with this level of acting ability, but it is somewhat disappointing.

Runner Up: Halloween on Church Street is becoming more of a frat boy drinking party as the night goes on.


Still stinging from layoffs within my job bubble, I choose to remember the advice I give about plasma TVs

Runner Up: Mind numbingly stupid Craigslist Ads. I don’t begrudge the bad grammar or the spelling, but I do take umbrage towards how some people market themselves.

Next up: My fave pictures for 2008!

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    Thank you for iPhone Wallpaper. I still have mine. It is like the gift that keeps on giving. Sorta like your public farts. ;p)

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