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This weekend I finished Fallout 3 finally, after something like 40 hours of running around and killing Radroaches and listening to Three Dog howl “Thanks for liiistening… people!” And yes, I managed to get minor plasma TV burn in from the Hit Points meter. Nice!

I have to admit that using Liam Neeson as the voice of your father throughout the game skeeved me a bit. Okay a lot. He’s got a great voice and all, but I got this “pervy dad” vibe every time I heard his voice. Thing is, you have to suffer through the first half of the game while he coddles you and encourages you to grow up smart and strong. Stranger danger!

However, using Malcolm McDowell as the voice of the Enclave President was a stroke of genius. I suggest that for Fallout 4, they please use Hugo Weaving? That man is my favorite villain right now.

I originally didn’t want to play this game because the characters looked too much like “Thunderbirds” puppetry, but thanks to SharkBoy’s love of the commercial (the long slow pull out while using The Inkspots I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire), he made me get it during the Xmas sales. I was hooked after an hour of game play. Not as artistically intrinsic as Bioshock, but intriguing and engaging in it’s multi-layered storytelling.

Now we’re on to playing LEGO Indiana Jones, which are a ton of fun for two people (except the co-op can get a bit frustrating if you decide to go off and do your own thing and wind up yelling at each other for not being on your side of the screen). It’s amazing they can recreate the three movies in 99.99% pantomime. Or maybe that’s testament to the crappiness of the movies? Regardless, the game is a lot of fun with nods to Star Wars all the way through it.

I of course, can’t wait until they make the Lego version of this movie:

(video inspired from G4’s Attack of the Show)

6 thoughts on “Fallen Out

  1. Phronk

    I’m loving Fallout 3 the more I play it. I think I’m close to finishing it but feel like there’s so much of the world I haven’t seen. You’re right about Neeson’s pervy dad vibe though.

    Did you ever see the, um, tree? Completely optional side quest, but awesome.

  2. Sean

    Haha! Well, getting together to watch a movie is tres cheap – especially if popcorn is provided. 😉 I’ll keep ya posted.

  3. Dead Robot

    Sean :

    Was thinking of having a movie night in a couple weeks. You guys around?

    yes we are. Not spending any money at all for the next two months. We want bedazzled Disney hats.

  4. Sean

    Sweet. Lego Indiana Jones RULES. The minecar level is beautifully done.

    Haven’t gotten much into Lego Batman, but it’s quite fun too – and way more main characters to play, which is sweet.

    Was thinking of having a movie night in a couple weeks. You guys around?

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