Rogers Pushes a LOT Down The Pipe

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For the last few days our HD channels with Rogers have been not all that HD-y. See the video below:

I know it’s not a faulty PVR because our digital box in the bedroom does the same when you run an On Demand video, not so much live TV. It’s purely the amount of info not being dumped into the player and the buffer not having any reserves to maintain image cohesiveness.

I wonder about Roger’s infrastructure. If they promise HD TV (which is 720p, by the way, not 1080p – their own hardware displays it) then they should be able to transmit that much info all the while offering the internet (here’s where I blame all you BitTorrent theives) and Home Phone to their customers. When we were having issues with our Home Phone, a technician confessed that the junction box out back that services 7 homes was actually split wired for 11 outlets and that might be “the problem”. He also said that if it gets rainy there is standing water in the bottom of the box. Granted we’ve had no issues since the fall with our Home Phone, but the above mess is starting to happen more and more.

Stay tuned, dear readers. I am calling Rogers soon to see what they can do.

UPDATE: I’ve done some searching and found this gem: Rogers Compresses it’s HD signal. While this comes as no surprise, the quality does. Ease up, big boy!

2 thoughts on “Rogers Pushes a LOT Down The Pipe

  1. Phronk

    I get the same thing once in a while, but not that frequently and usually not enough to make it unwatchable.

    I bet Bell would have its own set of problems, but maybe they’re worth a try.

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