Time Masheen!

Personal Bits

A year ago today: I was laughing at Phronk and rehasing his joke, with little success.

Two years ago today(ish): I reminisce about clunky “electronic” toys that get caught in the carpet.

Three years ago today(ish): Shelly chimes in with her review of “A Devil Wears Prada”.

Four years ago today: I recall one of Toronto’s dirtiest little fashion secret: Buy The Pound

Five years ago today(ish, the database is corrupt pre-2005): I speak of curious updates that will probably bore. I miss Defcon Radio.

2 thoughts on “Time Masheen!

  1. Phronk

    Haha, that’s the beauty of blogs – flawless long-term memory.

    Congrats on over five years. In internet-time, that’s like a century.

    And your rehash had more success than the first hash.

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