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You may recall I was a bit harsh on Cabbagetown the other day. All in jest, really. Sort of. Maybe.

Oreo Cookie Monster

Oreo Cookie Monster

Saturday was the big 1000 block garage sale (exaggeration) that has bargain hunters flocking to Cabbagetown to find exotic and useful tchotkes. While watching people purchase other people’s stuff I fantasize that there are only 6 things in the entire world and that these 6 things rotate between all of us at one point in our lives. A nail clipper I had for 5 years and sold in a garage sale last year has had 27,000 owners by now. You get my drift… there’s a lot of crap moving out there. Except for (hopefully) the family who thought it possible to sell half used cleaning products and those free shampoos you get at hotels.

I digress. I didn’t want to be bitter about my neighbourhood again. I wanted to post something that changed my soul and turned my Scrouge-ian attitude towards C-town. And Kelly did just that.


Or should I say “Kelly’s Kupcakes” made me love the Cabbagetown festival again. Her sidewalk miracles lifted my spirits and made me enjoy the day

Kupcake Kebabs

Kupcake Kebabs

Then again, it could have been a massive sugar high. You gotta love a proprietor who sells just the frosting as a side dish. Bless her insulin-resistant heart!

Either way, I suggest to you that you follow her blog and find out where she’ll be serving these vegan (!) morsels from the gods again, or contact her outright and get yourself some. Or give some as a gift. The recipient will be forever thankful.

We were walking along the back streets of Cabbagetown when I spied her display – colourful Kupcakes Kebabs called to me. Her charm caught my attention and the bright colours of the frosting drew me in. SharkBoy had a Berry Jammies (Strawberry) and was utterly shocked to find real strawberries in the middle. I chose the Oreo Cookie Monster and was also surprised to find a solid whole Oreo at the bottom of the cupcake. No earth shattering shocker, really but utterly fun none the less.

Seriously, if she isn’t making wheelbarrows full of cash from these muffins Kupcakes soon, then mankind sucks.

Yes. They’re THAT Good.

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