Not Gone


Hey readers and readettes. I’m just past the midway point on a grueling 2 weeks of a horrific work scheduling accident where I’m working 60hrs each week. Yeah. I’m tired. SharkBoy’s face has become a memory and I come home to a sleeping/sleepy husband. With the heat I’ve been sleepless and wake only feeling partially rested. I can’t wait for this to be over.

Last night saw me hauling a 275lbs computer into the Apple store at the Eaton Centre. It’s amazing the kinds of looks you get when you drag one of the Mac Pros through a crowd. All aluminum and grill venting. And sweat – those fuckers are heavy. People were staring like I was carrying a time machine or a machine that warps time or a big aluminum box that keeps time correct. Worry not, though, the problem was only a Kernel Panic Attack, which was deftly repaired within minutes at the Genius Bar. The taxi fare was 100% more expensive than the repair.

On top of that, work has greatly hindered my internet access (go figure – the internet guy can’t see the internet) due to the World Cup, so I can’t bring you the latest cutting edge of interwebs memes. This too shall pass.

I’d promise myself that I’d never apologize for blogging/not blogging but I fear that after these two weeks I may just do that. Meanwhile please enjoy the latest mission from Improv Everywhere: Star Wars Subway Car (via superpunch)

2 thoughts on “Not Gone

  1. The Mutant

    So, this time-bending Mac of yours that appears to be on the fritz, do I blame it for leaving me with no spare time, or like you do I point to the 60+ hour weeks? If it makes you feel any better I don’t get to see SharkBoy either, although that probably has more to do with the fact I live on the other side of the world.

    Um, I guess what I’m trying to convey is: Hang in there Sunshine – we’ll still be here for you once you’ve got your shit sorted.

  2. Cb

    Don’t you know? You are supposed to upgrade your computer every year to 18 months.

    (an iPad is much less sweat inducing)

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