One Million Years Old

Distractions, Queer stuff

I’m standing with a co-worker at my night job.

“I have a new thing,” he tells me. “I like leaving obscure videos running on the monitors.”

What a fun idea, I think. I don’t want to be subversive but it’s a fun way to inject personality into a retail job.

He continues:

“I get next to girls and put on Usher videos from YouTube and they’re all like whaaa?”


I suggest: “Next time try Klaus Nomi.”

“Who’s that?”

“David Bowie’s dress designer from the 70s.”

“He wore dresses?”

Double facepalm

He wanders off. Ten minutes later he comes back.

“Dude…” is all he can say.

4 thoughts on “One Million Years Old

  1. Dead Robot

    Sharkboy: I wish I still had the album with the record in it.

    Replicant: You’ll have to go through doors sideways.

    Video Google “David Bowie Boys SNL” and you’ll find a Russian video site that has David Bowie in a puppet costume singing Boys from Saturday Night Live. Doing backup is Klaus Nomi and Lou Reed in dresses. I advise Spyware caution though. Or view it with a Mac.

  2. MJC

    Yeah, shouldn’t have watched that this late at night…I’m going to be dreaming of talkinginging/singinging like that at tomorrow’s board meeting…

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