Happy Anniversary

You Magnificent Bastard

It’s been another banner year that really tested us. I am honoured and proud to have you as my husband.

I love you so much!

From Wedding Day

9 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary

  1. SharkBoy

    I promise the 5th year will be better than the 4th, there won’t be any big surprises throwing us for a loop and turning our lives completely around, I know because we have the Disney Cruise, then the Disney Parks with Sean and Josh and then we have San Francisco and the drive to L.A. and the D23 Expo and also the bestest Halloween costumes ever…

    I love you tons too

  2. CathyK

    What a handsome bunch! First time I laid eyes on you two on the ship, you were wearing suits and standing on a balcony overlooking where the show got out. Awesomely good lookin!

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