Challenge #9 – Boob Tube

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9. Favorite TV shows

Again, I think I talk way too much about TV on Twitter so I’ll do the image-per-category thing again and this time it won’t be so easy.

As A Kid


Hint... the robot's name is ANDY

They were Al Gore before Gore

I'm totally into Generational ships these days

Mel Blanc did his voice

Don't Look at the Title - Then Guess.

Rubber Mask Not Included

Dairy Queen Owes them Royalties

As An Adult

I hear music...


Let's Punch The Fuck Out of It!!

Do not wind her up, that is a big gun and she is baby crazy.

I'll arrange a little accident and you'll never see it coming.

I’m sort of shocked that my favorite shows as an adult are mostly cartoons… somethings never change.

Honorable Mentions
Cougar Town
30 Rock
America’s Next Top Model
RuPaul’s Drag Race

3 thoughts on “Challenge #9 – Boob Tube

  1. Dead Robot

    Like I said, I could sit and actually put some thought into these posts but I’d bore the fuck out of all of you.

    Yeah a certain Mr Mike Xmas has my DVD of the Oblongs. Never to be seen again.

  2. postbear

    no untalkative bunny?! you are terrible.

    also: invader zim, sctv, powerpuff girls, magic shadows, and i fully anticipated you being a fan of science international/what will they think of next?

    you get points for the oblongs, though.

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