Challenge #10 – Needful things

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10. Something you don’t leave the house without

Uh. My pants. Duh!

Well even that is questionable.

Up until 4 years ago I was all about minimalist travelling. I had a chain around my neck with one, maybe two keys on it. Cash was in a wad in my pocket and at most I had a bank card. Now I drag around my iPad, iPhone, 12 keys on possibly the most useless keychain from Prada, ever (but utterly rocks, thanks Mike and Morwin!), a charger chord if I have my backpack, my DSLR if I want to take great pictures.

It’s been a gradual crawl to this point of “roll my shit” scarab-like travel. In 2000, I started out huge when I bought a Apple Newton to doodle on the subway with. After I got self conscious I opted for a 640×480 digital camera (pre-megapixel hype) that had a big colour touch screen on the back – way ahead of it’s time. Then the phone, then the better camera #2… #3… #4…

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