Dressing For Trooping

I present for you 15 minutes of fumbling compressed into 32 seconds.

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  1. My friend Ken has one of your paintings.

    I took a picture of it; is it okay if I post it online?

    Please let me know.


  2. BobaDoug, soon… The blasters were ordered today. SharkBoy needs an undersuit and better boots and we both need some serious strap adjustments. Plus, I broke his detonator. boom.

  3. the death star has cats wandering around? i’m on the side of the empire now, i guess.

    the lycra onesie you built on has probably been exposed to that tribal track at the end a million times.

  4. Kyle, thanks to Sean here, I was able to purchase and transport 2 mannequins (one for Sharkboy) from a contact off of one of those auction sites. I doubt I would let any of the SITC cast in my house.

    Sean, thanks again for the car.

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