Celebs and Media, You Magnificent Bastard 2 Replies

At 1:01 seconds into this trailer I started to laugh uncontrollably. Any movie that gets an endorsement like “Roger Corman by way of Samuel Beckett” gets my vote:

2 thoughts on “Rubber

  1. postbear

    the inanimate object as autonomous agent theme is gaining ground again in fantasy/scifi/horror circles. i suppose something has to fill the void left by the coming absence of all things vampire and zombie, and after the blink episode of doctor who i started seeing a lot more exploration of this idea.

    i can’t recall how many bad films came out with this premise extrapolated on in various ways (the hearse, the car, etc.), but my favourite, for many reasons, will always be killdozer (attempt to insert link to opening and trailer denied by internet robots, hilariously).

    possessed by demons? infected with a virus from outer space? radioactive mutagen got your teapot jumping around in a menacing manner? who cares, bring on the stop-action and remote control mayhem.

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