Challenge #20 and #21 – Selective Reasoning

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20. Your Dream Wedding

21. Something that stresses you out

I stumbled a bit over the last couple days with the blogging. Work is stressing me out a tad and when I get home I don’t feel like sitting in front of a monitor for any length of time.

And as a rule I avoid talking about work in a public form such as this so there’s your #21 right there.

As for #20, I’ve already had it. I do have a couple regrets about that special day but name me one person who doesn’t? Despite these TINY regrets, I don’t worry on it enough to think I need to have a “do over”.

However, if I were paid vast amounts of money to do it over again, I would definitely have it at the wedding pavilion at the Grand Floridian, Disney World. At sunset. With everyone dressed in Hawaiian shirts. And there would be a churro cart. And monkeys. With cute fezzes. And at midnight we’d all pile into a stolen monorail and do laps around the World, trying to do tuck and rolls into the lobby of the Contemporary Resort. Then we’d do shots on Space Mountain. Maybe break off the speed inhibitors on the Autopia ride and get those suckers really going. And bump the car in front of me. Ha! Wedding day! I can do whatever the fuck I want! Then as the sun came up and the wedding party started to wind down, we’d crash in the little grassy area at the foot of Main Street just as the first day’s guests came into the park.

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