Challenge #22 – 3 Wishes

22. 3 Wishes

Wish #1: I would wish for a career for both SharkBoy and I in Florida, preferably within 30 min driving of the front gates of DisneyWorld. Something we both enjoy and can make enough money off of to sustain a yearly pass, the occasional cruise and a home with a lanai.

Wish #2: I would want everyone in the world to have a decent level of altruism magically injected into their psyche. Just enough so that people see that standing on an escalator is ok IF YOU KEEP TO THE RIGHT. Or that ORGANIZING YOUR PURSE while STANDING AT AN ATM is NOT an IDEAL TIME TO DO SO. Or that other people may not want to HEAR YOUR GODDAMNED CELL PHONE CONVERSATION.

Wish #3: I would want a talking monkey. With a fez. As a friend, not a pet, mind you. And his name would be Sheldrake. The third.

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  1. Have you ever thought about actually applying for a job at Disneyland? Or would that shatter the illusion?

  2. “If I had a million dollars, i would buy you a monkey. Haven’t you always wanted a monkey?”

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